Personify for Play

Personify reinvents chat as you know it. Using the Creative SenZ camera, you can message with your friends, colleagues, and family while seeing real time reactions and facial expressions.

Personify zChat

Immersive Video Chat

Immersive Video Chat transports you to the same virtual space as your friends or family allowing you to share experiences such as co-browsing, shopping online, or watching YouTube videos. For business users, share your content and interact with your colleagues in real time. You'll see real emotional reactions to your comments, links, images, or even what's on your screen.

Personify Immersive Video Chat


HyperIM unmasks Gchat by showing you the person you’re speaking with in real time snapshots. As you send your message your web cam captures your expression and reaction and sends to the recipient. Scroll up to see “emotional history” of your conversation. It’s time to put the fun back into chat.

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Personify zChat

Personify Skype plug in

Using the Creative SenZ camera, Personify’s Skype plug-in lets you remove yourself from your physical background and replace it with any background or image of your choosing. You can also remove the background entirely and become a persona on your friend or family’s desktop.

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Personify for Skype