The main features that are available in SDK

The market has seen an increase in demand for interactive virtual background video calls, and Personify offers the Dynamic Green Screen Technology.

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  • Key Highlights of Personify SDK Package

    Video conferencing has been the most efficient way of connecting the workforce and flourishing partnerships around the globe.

    Deep Learning

    User segmentation technology with many years of segmentation research and development.

    High Quality of Code

    Quality of code, with years of generating labeled frames for the specific use case on user extraction

    Patented Technology

    Accurately recognizes the head, shoulders, arms and fingers.


    Available on multiple platforms: Windows, Apple, Android.

    Automated Testing

    Testing with historical reports for tracking per release progress.

    OpenVino, CUDA, OpenCL

    Low performance profile with support for CUDA and OpenCL.

    Download ChromaCam White Paper

    For more information, download the complete white paper.

    The software works well in these target segments

    The ChromaCam SDK provides all the necessary developer tools to build, test, and debug apps.

    Video conferencing


    Marketing and Sales

    Multinational clients

    Visual communication

    Leisure and Recreation

    Personal Media


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