Presenter Version History

Version | 2020-09-25 | Download (alternative link)

New feature, bug fix & Enhancement

  • New recording feature for Mac. Record, edit, and save your Presenter session to share right on the Presenter application
  • Exit annotation mode by pressing ESC key
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Version | 2020-08-14 | Download (alternative link)

New feature, bug fix & Enhancement

  • Brand new annotations feature.
  • Now you can use Personify Presenter's native annotation feature to draw, write, and highlight on top of your desktop along with your Persona.
  • Auto-update prompt will show when a new version is available to install.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version | 2020-04-28 | Download (alternative link)

We here at Personify heard your feedback! We have refreshed Personify Presenter and added some new features to improve the user experience.

  • Brand new UI with a more uniform layout and easier access to features
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts for quicker access to features such as Persona Position, Persona Size, etc.
  • Added a new mini toolbar so you can modify the most commonly used features right on your persona
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.0.5 | 2019-03-13 | Download (alternative link)

New feature & enhancement

  • Improve scaling logic

Bug fix

  • Fix crash issue when switching between cameras (without unplugging)
  • Fix camera name numbering on add/remove
  • Fix crash issue in fresh Mac machine because of missing some libraries
  • Fix crash issue right at the login dialog

Version 2.0.3 | 2019-01-23 | Download (alternative link)

New feature & enhancement

  • Major performance improvements using CoreML instead of OpenCL on Mac OS

Version 2.0.2 | 2019-01-10 | Download (alternative link)

  • Resize is now continuous, no more jumpiness
  • Mirror user maintains consistent anchor point of lower-left
  • Mirror toggle was reversed for PrimeSense devices
  • UI should no longer jump if you click-drag on the camera selection menu

Version 2.0.1 | 2018-12-17 | Download (alternative link)

Presenter redesigned to work with recent Mac OS X: fix some compatibility issue

Version 2.0.0 | 2018-12-14 | Download (alternative link)

Presenter redesigned to work with recent Mac OS X