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Boost Virtual Engagement in Presentations

With the power of AI and computer vision, Presenter extracts your face from the camera stream and places your face on top of any application or website running on your PC/Mac.

Dynamic Way to Educate, Present, and Entertain

Presenting with a personal approach creates intimacy and surprise to your audience. Gives a WOW effect to the other side of the screen and improve engagement.

Seamlessly Customize Your Online Meetings

Easily navigate between or pull up materials that are tailored to your audience. Presenter has been proven to be a great remote selling aid by shorten sale cycle.

Naturally Collaborative

Build rapport with your audience by keeping them focused on your presentation.

Smart Recording

Go beyond the screen, time, and space. Record and share your immersive presentation like a movie, while interacting with content anytime, anywhere. Say bye to boring presentations.

Freedom of Directing Your Presentation

Personify Presenter enables users to easily control the "persona" sizing and positioning. There are additional annotation and effects enhance the presentation.

How does it work?

Presenter is a desktop application that allows you to interact with your content during presentation. Simply share you screen on the video conferencing software and be ready to impress your audience.

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Create your immersive experience with just your regular webcam today with Presenter!

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