Reinventing Online Communication

Tim needs to present to a client overseas but his office is chaotic. Personify eliminates the chaos.


Present in Front of Your Content

From office chaos to polished with the click of a button - replace your physical surroundings with your presentation content to stream live or record.


Bridge the Gap

Engage with your audience as if you were in the same room.


Collaborate with Your Team

Or share any content with your friends.


Create a Deep Sense of Presence While Remote

Personify. Bridging the gap between communicating remotely and in person.

Personify bridges the gap between communicating remotely and talking face-to-face. Our immersive video and user extraction technology, coupled with efficient streaming services reduces the disconnected feeling between your coworkers, clients, friends and loved ones when communicating online, making the remote experience feel more real.

See Personify Live in Action

Video Conferencing

Personify is proud to bring you the future of video conferencing. Our flagship product, Personify Live, brings online video conferencing to the next level. Personify's patented user extraction technology makes use of new sensor technologies such as the Microsoft Kinect for Windows Sensor and ASUS XTION Pro Live Camera, to create experiences not possible with existing video products.

Inserting a live video feed into your presentation has never been easier. Personify works with popular video conferencing software like GoToMeeting and WebEx to give your audience an "in room" experience with online meetings. Before your next video conference, try a free trial of Personify Live.


Not all business is done across the table. In fact, more businesses than ever are using teleconferencing for live meetings and presentations. Personify allows people to present information while still adding their personal touch to any meeting. The essentials of a successful presentation, like eye-contact and audience interaction, can be lost with typical teleconferencing software. Personify Live embeds real-time video of a speaker into any setting to promote greater engagement and personal interaction in a virtual environment.


Use Personify Live to host webinars and provide information that really connects with your audience. Studies show that using Personify Live to present information leads to a 400% increase in perceived learning. Personify works with popular webinar software like WebEx or GoToMeeting to provide clear image and audio. Personify Live enhances webinar presentations by putting the presenter next to the data. Personify allows a presenter to create informative videos and interact with the data while maintaining a personal connection with the audience. In fact, audiences of Personify Live webinar software are five times more likely to retain the information. If you want to use Personify to host your next Webinar, schedule a free trial today. Visit our tutorials section to see how Personify Live easily integrates with popular webinar software like GoToMeeting and WebEx.

Business Presentations

Perfect for sales pitches, business presentations, marketing content, and more; Personify Live helps you to put together informative and creative videos. Using Personify's patented video technology, users can create business presentations that impress and connect with their audience by adding their live persona. By being able to interact with the presentation, users can maintain the personal connection with their audience. Create business presentations videos, or use Personify to present the information live.

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